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Mission: Health

Good health doesn't necessarily happen on its own. People make it their goal or personal mission to be their healthiest. Having the best health possible contributes to quality of life. Make the connections, set goals, get the support you need to reach them, and look up the answers to accomplish your personal Mission: Health. The LM HealthWorks Plan is here to help. Once you become a member you will have access to:

  • One-on-one support coordinated through the Care Navigator and provided by trained, caring health professionals to help you Know More, take action on your health risks, manage chronic conditions and achieve your personal health goals.
  • Programs that help you get the Right Care and Stay Well, whether you want to quit smoking, start an exercise program, or research a particular condition or concern.
  • Answers and information from industry-leading trusted online health libraries and research tools. Find out about health conditions and their treatment. Learn more about your medications. Get the latest health and medical news. When you're better informed, you have better control and can better Follow Through with your doctor and your care.

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    Mission: Health

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