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Whether you need help sorting out a complex health care issue or getting an answer to a question, you have someone on your side.

Care Coordination and Support

  • online-tools-icon.gifCare Navigator – your single point of contact for answers, information and referrals to other plan resources.

  • docfind-icon.gifCare Advocate – helps you find the Right Care, and use the plan's services and programs to your advantage.

  • secure-icon.gifYour Health Information: Safe and Private.
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When you’re facing a health challenge, it can be hard to make important decisions and get necessary care and support. Your Care Advocate, available through the LM HealthWorks Plan, can simplify complex and stressful situations associated with health care and connect you with needed services, resources and care providers.

When appropriate, the Care Navigator may direct you to a Care Advocate who can:

  • Help you find the right doctors and health care facilities.
  • Arrange diagnostic tests.
  • Help you understand recommended tests, treatments and medications.
  • Facilitate the transfer of medical records, X-rays and lab results to a new doctor.
  • Coordinate transfers between hospitals and other medical facilities.
  • Schedule and book appointments, transportation and lodging.

Your Care Advocate helps you untangle the web of health care options and information. He or she will walk you through a particular medical issue, treatment or condition, while connecting you to the tools and services you need most. Most importantly, your Care Advocate will stay in the loop every step of the way to resolve your request or need quickly and completely.

As an enrolled LM HealthWorks Plan member, you can begin taking advantage of these programs and services by calling 1-877-458-4975.

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