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2018 Healthy Actions

Print instructions for accessing the 2018 HealthFund Healthy Actions

Build your HealthFund throughout 2018 and take steps toward a healthier life by completing Healthy Actions.

The deadline for completing the Well-Being Assessment is November 30, 2018. The deadline for completing all other Healthy Actions is December 31, 2018.

Start with your Well-Being Assessment

Get Preventive Care

Get active!

Let a health coach guide your way

Get help with an acute or chronic condition

Give your baby a healthy start

If you believe that you have a medical condition or situation that may prevent you from qualifying or participating in the above-mentioned programs or incentives, please contact the LM HealthWorks Plan at 1-877-458-4975.

Your privacy is protected.
The information you share as part of completing HealthFund Healthy Actions is kept private and secure, and will only be used in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy and security regulations. Learn more. »

* If you and your spouse are both Lockheed Martin employees and covered under one LM HealthWorks Plan benefit (i.e. as Employee and Spouse or Employee and Family), the employee who is listed as the plan subscriber would be eligible to receive the Physical Activity Tracking Tool HealthFund incentive for employees. The employee listed as a spouse would be eligible to receive the HealthFund incentive for spouses.

** Employee, spouse may be eligible for either the In Touch Care (ITC) enhanced condition management or health coaching incentive, not both, in a calendar year. The plan year is calendar year 2018.

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