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Make Better Health Happen

  • healthy-choices.gifSee what's motivating Lockheed Martin employees to live healthier and share your own story — with Photovoice.

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At Lockheed Martin, the culture of health we are striving toward involves more than just providing health programs for you to use and benefit from. It’s helping you get the support and inspiration you need to make a personal commitment to live a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps most important, it’s people motivating people and leading by example.

How about you? What — and whom — will motivate you to make good health a priority in your life? Maybe you enjoy biking with your kids, want to look your best, see running a 5k race as a personal challenge, or simply want to be able to play with your grandchildren — and great-grandchildren.

Whatever your reason, whatever your motivation, you can make it happen. No matter where you are right now, your healthier life can start today.

Get inspired; tell your story — with Photovoice

Every picture tells a story.
With Photovoice, you and your fellow Lockheed Martin employees can tell stories and share experiences, through words and pictures, of why and how they’re taking steps to live healthier.

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Tell us your story and inspire others.
What motivates you? What are you doing to achieve your health and wellness goals? Use Photovoice to share your story and inspire others to follow your lead.

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