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Take advantage of resources that help you take control of your health care and spend wisely.

Using Plan Resources

  • online-tools-icon.gifYour personalized home page at Aetna Navigator® shows your HealthFund balance and recent claims.

  • did-you-know.gifKnow more about the cost and quality of your care with the Cost-of-Care tools and online provider directory.

  • medical-icon.gifRegister Now! to get started with LM HealthWorks Plan resources such as Aetna Navigator and Express Scripts.

  • Check your HealthFund balance.
  • Look up recent claims and download claim forms.
  • Send a secure email to request a replacement medical ID card.
  • Order maintenance medication online.
  • Know the real cost of health care services in your area.

You’ll make it happen with plan resources that help you take control
— and take action.

  • From your personalized Aetna Navigator home page, you can get medical benefits and claim information and use convenient self-service tools. Learn more >
  • Find actual doctor rates for your area and learn about the clinical quality measures used to evaluate select network specialists. Learn more >
  • Get a handle on health care costs for you and your family with online Cost-of-Care tools and the Cost Estimator Tool. Learn more >
  • Order and refill long-term prescriptions online and get direct delivery of medications to your home. Learn more >
  • Tap into best-in-class resources for support for better health and better health care.
    Learn more >

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