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Lockheed Martin has selected best-in-class partners to help you accomplish your own Mission: Health.

Best in Class Resources

  • pro-icon.gifTalk to a medical professional about the health issues and concerns that matter to you.

  • healthy-choices.gifTake advantage of programs designed to help you make changes and take manageable steps toward your health goals.

  • glossary-icon.gifGet the information you want, the way you want it, with online health libraries.

You can take action to manage your health and health care with tools, resources, programs and coaching from leading health and wellness organizations.

Through partnerships with best-in-class health and wellness organizations, Lockheed Martin has created a plan that reaches outside the boundaries of traditional health benefits. The LM HealthWorks Plan offers an array of programs and services to help you Know More, Stay Well, get the Right Care and Follow Through with your personal health goals.

From healthy lifestyle programs and enhanced Condition Management to a full suite of online health references and resources, it’s all here. Along with help to find and use what’s most meaningful and useful for you.


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