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With Business Travel Accident insurance, you’re covered while traveling on Company business at home and abroad.

Business Travel Accident Insurance

  • spend-accnt-icon.gifBusiness Travel Accident insurance is provided to you at no cost.

  • medical-icon.gifYour family is covered when they travel with you overseas on Company business.

  • online-tools-icon.gifCheck your enrollment materials and SPD for more details about Business Travel Accident insurance.

Business Travel Accident insurance pays a benefit if you die or are seriously injured as a result of an accident while traveling on Company business. Coverage is also provided for your family if they are traveling or living with you internationally for business purposes. Benefit amounts depend on whether you are traveling domestically or internationally.

Lockheed Martin automatically provides Business Travel Accident insurance to you at no cost, subject to eligibility requirements. Refer to your enrollment materials and Summary Plan Description (SPD) for more information about Business Travel Accident insurance. These documents provide details about how the coverage works.

Please note that plan provisions and eligibility for union represented employees are based on the terms of the collective bargaining agreement.

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