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Prepare for the unexpected and protect your family income with Disability insurance.

Disability Insurance

  • spend-accnt-icon.gifShort-Term Disability insurance is provided to you at no cost and pays a weekly benefit.

  • spend-accnt-icon.gifYou elect and pay for Long-Term Disability insurance, which pays a monthly benefit.

  • online-tools-icon.gifCheck your enrollment materials and SPD for more details about Disability insurance.

Disability insurance helps replace income lost due to a disabling illness or injury. Lockheed Martin provides Short-Term Disability insurance to you automatically at no cost, subject to eligibility requirements.* This coverage pays a weekly benefit for up to 26 weeks. You may also be eligible to elect Long-Term Disability insurance during Annual Enrollment. You pay the full cost of this coverage, which pays a monthly benefit once you have been out of work for 180 days because of illness or injury.

Refer to your enrollment materials and Summary Plan Description (SPD) for eligibility and for more information about Disability insurance. These documents provide details about how the coverage works.

* The Short-Term Disability information above does not apply to LMOS CA, RI, and PR employees. As an LMOS CA, RI, or PR employee, you are eligible to receive benefits through the state disability insurance program. Please note that plan provisions and eligibility for union represented employees are based on the terms of the collective bargaining agreement.

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